Thursday, August 20, 2009


This Dress

This dress is a remake. It was part of a sustainable fashion benefit. The best part about remade dresses is that they are usually one of a kind either in design or fabric and recycled. Vintage fabric is really some of the best .
not the best pic as this is just the top ut the funnel neck is pretty amazing. Made of my favorite fabric - wool. Wool is actually quite comfortable and extremely versatile, especially the Italian variety. It has gotten a bad rap from being associated with itchy sweaters from childhood.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Style Inspire

I found this line of clothes via a German blog - Cool Outfit

the clothes are to die for. Amazing draping , cut , everything. Especially the dresses.

Also the press release for the Fall line :

FUTURE CLASSICS© show press release
Whatever you have is enough. Whatever you need, you were given. Everything is at your disposal. Can you see that? You already have everything you need to create a life that is right for you. Most of all you have the perfect amount of energy to be who you are. How you go about it is your business – no-one else’s.

Who told you that you don’t have enough? That you don’t look right? That until you get to that certain point you have not yet arrived? That you need to accumulate to succeed? That your house should be a stepping stone, a rung on a ladder, not a habitat? Did you ever believe this?

Do you remember your Grandparents? Do you remember that generations worked and evolved before us, wishing the best for us, making our happiness and well being their life’s work?

Do you mend what is broken? Do you treasure the energy of the repaired thing?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Perfect Man

Jack Kerouac + Willy Wonka = Perfect man

Happy Birthday Andy Warhol!

I imagine you are looking down at us from a great big factory in the sky. In this electronic age, his prediction that we would all be famous for fifteen minutes was eerily prescient.

If I could own any Warhol it would be one of Mick Jagger. Oddly i think he also signed the screenprints along with Andy. I don't think anyone else did this so ego much ??

oh Mick....

but this is a Warhol post.
I was lucky enough to see two Warhol exhibits this year, one at the DeYoung museum and one at The Jewish contemporary Museum. Very cool work. Mr Warhol was not just an artist in many ways I consider him to be the true father of the punk movement as the mastermind behind The Velvet Undeground.

Style inspire



I am a huge fan of Richard Avedon's work . He is showing at the SF MOMA right now.
Avedon's way of apturing what was behind soemeone's face was remarkable and in my opinion he is the best fashion photographer there ever was.

this picture of Janis is definitely one of my favorites. She looks so happy. Plus she was super stylish.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Great thing about where I live now. Art Galleries are surrounding me. There is nothing better to do than to look at some art to get your creativity flowing. I happened upon the hatch Gallery on Saturday and saw something that I got really excited about .

At first look it was a puzzling layout of drawings, well done, kinda cartoonish, of people communicating in the form of Penis and Vagina's as their main focus. I can be slightly prudish ( I say slightly because it's more a former than current condition , perhaps more on that at another time ... ) anyway like good art does this got me thinking that it was a greater commentary on the human condition that I was seeing.

Bile, Vomit, defecation, penis, vagina, etc.what are we really in our physical form ? We cover our bodies with things we cover our minds and ourselves with niceties and masks but underneath we are physical beings. Sexuality is not dirty or weird. It is what we are. It should be clebrated and looked at and embraced and yes, laughed at , not shunned or exploited .

Sunday, August 2, 2009

these are my shoes

I love shoes. In particular, these shoes doth rock. My whole mission this year has been an obsession with boy's shoes. Oddly or typically enough this has become some kind of trend. Annoying.
Anyway my shoes woud win in the my shit is better than yours fight. They are handmade in Mexico and scuffed to perfection and bought second hand by me for five bucks!
Next to loving super awesome shit, i really love super awesome free shit. Five bucks is close so yeah.

This is the first in a series - these are my shoes. I have a theory that we girls love pictures of our hands and feet or maybe its just me.

Adventures in self portraits

I would say that these are fuzzy but i think my face actually may be literally blurry so good pictures! thanks Val for doing my makeup!!