Monday, December 6, 2010

Where I work

This is me at the sample sale. I have on a major necklace - looking rather lady of the manor, with my hair in a bun.

I hate talking directly about my personal life.
1. because why should anyone care
2. I never know how much to reveal or not reveal
3. It's just how I am. I think that I come from that type of woman that was taught that if you talk too much about the good things that go on with you that means you are bragging and everyone will hate you...blah, blah.

However I am coming around to learning how to share parts of myself.

What I do for a living. I work for a jewelry designer. I do the business parts, meaning some of everything. The administrative stuff - everything from data entry, to shipping, to talking to department stores, to accounts receivable, marketing,.... you name it.

I also get to do cool things that are fun like design decisions - picking colors, giving advice on what is current, naming collections - finally named my first one a few months ago.

I also get to go to New York for the trade shows next month. This will be my first trip to New York and my first trade show, which in this business is where the action is. I am hoping to come away with some brand new deparment store accounts out of this. Fingers crossed.

I didn't go to school for this. I have a life long love of fashion, and pretty things but this job was a happy accident. They were looking for an admin person and it was the first job I saw. I applied and almost two years later I am still there. Everything is completely produced in San Francisco which is pretty amazing considering that most manufacturing is done overseas. We also make everything with pretty Swarovski crystal. Sometimes it's like being in a pretty jewel box. Other times it's like a factory, cold gray, with some sparkle thrown in.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What I do

This is where I have been volunteering my Saturday afternoons for about one year now. Rock Paper Scissors Collective.

It's a great community space where anyone can come and participate in the artistic process. There are sewing labs, craft classes, a gallery, retail store and zine library.

This month's show is by Patchwerk Press.
We work in collaboration with Patchwerk on Screenprint classes. They are also collectively run which I totally respect.

These dresses were handmade by a collective member from recycled materials.

as was the window display. Awesome Patchwork dress.

We also have a retail store. The sequin headband was made by moi.

This picture to the right is of a lovely English girl that stopped by on our Friday opening.
LOVE her hat. She was entirely adorable.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm a winner

I finally won something, a Maybelline makeup bag with makeup via Refinery 29. To be fair, this was an easy win. You had to say who your favorite Sci-Fi character re costuming. The top 50 - Yes, 50!- would win the prize. Of course I answered, the entire cast of Dune. That was an easy one. I counted the answers, only 54 people entered.
So this shows up today and besides the standard fare i have now discovered a lip-stain pen. Why did i not know about this before ? lipstick, combined with a pen ??? fantastic.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I am a dork

In my quest to cull as much free stuff as possible by winning contests, I find myself losing my shame. Here is the photographic evidence. Mixed prints contest for Maybelline on Facebook.
I am a dork. I know, Florals and polka dots, too easy.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

WWD - it will tell us what to do

I spent my Saturday afternoon chukking out old magazines and cutting out images from a bajillion old issues of WWD for an inspiration book. I found these editorials of teh last few months to my liking. I would wear this stuff. It's pretty simple and sometimes the best look is just that Simple.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Global Culture

shoes from India

it's pretty well known that the fashion industry has tendencies towards , gently putting it, culture mining. It was pretty awesome to find out that Prada has done one better by actually going to the source and creating a line that not only reflects the global culture but is created by it.
Here's hoping this helps to fan the flames of a movement to respect the work of those that make it best.

Japanese Denim

via Nylon through Notcouture

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Turn Of the Skirt

While everyone was going minimalist, Raf Simmons at Jil Sander went maximalist and boy does it pay off. The way the skirts drape around the ankles and holds its shape. The length is hard to pull off when running through the streets, however with the right platforms you won't be dragging too hard on the ground.
jil sander at

Sunday, September 26, 2010

slowest 100 list EVER - more stuff i love

28. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody will never get old.

29. White shirts

30. Middle Eastern food - hands down if i had to only choose one type of food to live on forever it would be that. Naan, hummus, falafel, dolmas,eggplant, curries - all yum.

31.cashmere sweaters

32.Gap t-shirts

32.Converse tennis shoes

33. old man pants - hands down fit the coolest, usually high on the waist and skim the hips in a really flattering way. You can also find some excellent woolens in great colors ( avoid the polyester if you can ).

34. Ipods - hate to say it but it may be the greatest invention of the 00's . hands down. Really, it changed everything for how we use music.

35. Stupid Comedies - Step Brothers, Talladega Nights - pretty much any Will Farrell comedy. I like really dumb comedies - I jsut watched Hot Tub Time Machine. Thumbs Up!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Aaah - The Italians do it better

Fendi - I LOVE this color. I would call it cornflower , I think. Really beautiful and glad to see so much of it.

Alberta Feretti - Romantic, Dreamy and really pretty all around. I would live in clothes like this if I could.

Krizia - Wasn't really into most of what they showed but this outfit is an exac t replica of one of my barbie's outfits when I was a kid. I would actually wear it.

Prada - wow different and I like all of the platform shoes and color blocking.

Versace - MMMM, gotta have some black and the color contrast print is very nice. Also look at the color of the shoes and the headscarf is a nice touch - win !!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Altered Barbie SF 2010

As I was walking randomly around after work taking pictures, I ran into the Altered Barbie show. I had read about it and tucked it away in my mental files so I was happy to take advantage of teh random encounter. This is where artists makeover dolls in the image that they feel is better suited to society as it is. Also to make them cooler. The very nice ladies hosting the event let me take some pictures:

The installation was hosted in a converted garage at The apex of SOMA and the Mission are is SF.

Love this. I love the Day of the Dead.

Caged Barbie. Pink Heat.

Medusa. I have always found her pretty awesome.

matching breasts ?

I think Barbie is getting eaten by the spider but they could be making it for all I know.

this one speaks for herself

Gay Marriage Dolls. Looks like a Folsom Street Fair wedding. I've never been, It's this weekend but I am too embarassed to go. I know I would just be a big old prude about it and I don't want to deal with that.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence represented here.

Crucified Marilyn.
After I looked around they starte dto show me a video but it was an hour long and after ten minutes i had to pop off to other things, like veggie burritos.

Pictures of me

this is a rare picture of me here.
no, my legs aren't short, i am bending down to fit into the mirror. I am feeling that mod/70's vibe - really not sure which, it's a hodge podge really.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Post 100 - the one hundred things - part 1 ( 1-27 )

Welcome to post 100! I'm still here. Anyone out there who is reading, I hope you enjoy what you see. My scattered online visual diary has been a real pleasure.

Since it is post 100 I am going to use this to list 100 of my favorite things :
These are not in particular order of enjoyment at all but here goes

1. Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall
I am listening to this now and it is probably my favorite live album of all time.

2. Cooking - I only have to cook for myself and since there is no pressure and it isn't a real chore it is very enjoyable. I also don't eat meat which has actually changed my diet and lended itself to way healthier eating. Today I am going to make one of my favorite meals, lentil stew. It will be made with garlic, tomatoes, onions and peppers. Delicious.

3. Days you don't have to do anything - hard to ease into. Your mind always says you gotta be doing something but I am trying now to ease into letting myself relax all around and enjoy - nothing!

4. riding my bike
5. salmon spinach burritos from the burrito shop
6. Peet's lattes

7. Led Zeppelin - I want to be cremated. I find the whole idea of burial and gravesites weird but if I had a gravestone it would say "Led Zeppelin Rules"

8. Platform shoes
9. 70 degree weather
10. also rainy days, mostly when you get to stay in on them. But if you can't then...
11.rain boots
12. Peanut Butter cream sandwiches
13. Peanut Butter frozen yogurt

14. Peanut butter and jelly with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two oatmeal raisin cookies. In a bout of decadence, i made these a few years ago. It was amazing. I obviously have not revisited it. It's too much. try it though. so good.

15. Free skincare samples - Sephora is the mecca for this. Ask them and they will give you anything in a little jar. I used to go with a friend and she would spend hours there just stocking up. I felt cheesy about it but now i get it and after spending $65 for a jar of moisturizer that gave me acne, i can see why you should try before you buy. Also sign up online for their e-mails and sometimes you get a free product. I just got a deluxe sample of the Clinique 3 step and Phiosophy's Hope In a Jar.

16. Wilco - A Ghost Is Born
17. Cat Power - Moon Pix
18. Julian Casablancas - Phrazes For The Young

I have listened to these records more than any others this year. They are that great.

19. SF MOMA - I have spent a lot of time there. It's a place of major inspiration.

20. black tights
21. L'eau De Issey-perfume
22. Fresh Vanilla Grapefruit
23. Daisy - Marc Jacobs

24. Animals - They are our friends, they don't belong on the dinner menu.

25. A - This particular boy I am smitten with. Like magnets....

26. Making jewelry - It's nice to see something you like and then have the ability to create it for yourself. There are limits. I don't metal-smith , yet or solder. I still buy things I really like and can afford.

27. Finally realizing that you are what you do. I always wanted to sell vintage clothes. Now I do. I wanted to make and sell things that I design myself. Now I do.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Part 1 : Spring 2011 aka a bunch of clothes I can't actually afford

Vena Cava



Cynthia Rowley


This is part 1 of my favorites. Many more to get through.
All pix via - I love that they have complete slideshows available on their site

Coming soon pix from
Anna Sui - major, long necklace inspiration
Ralph Lauren - still rockin the Victorian cowgirl look
Oscar De La Renta - LOVE LOVE his clothes. I wish I could afford them and the lifestyle these would go with. Maybe when I am a bit older I can become one of thise ladies who lunch all the time just to wear it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Hollow Buddha

I took this picture the other day through a shop window.
I loved that the statue was hollowed out and his arms are raised.
The Buddha lacks a face on this side, no identity.
Yet he celebrates
Even without the face, the identity, we still celebrate.
The Buddha nature is eternal.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Down to Earth

Something tells me one of these ladies is far more comfortable than the others.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The French, maybe they are better than us ???

I got my new camera. Not a fancy DSLR or anything. Juts a replacement for my lost point and shoot. Lazily of course I settled for the same camera brand. Pourquoi ?? I am too lazy to learn an entirely new camera type. As my old one was three years old, and ancient in electronic terms, I am so glad to get a new model. It's lighter, faster, crisper and just all around way way better.

So what was my first assignment ?? taking pix of myself in shop windows. And as I was having my latte in the local coffee shop I took the opportunity to browse the magazines. I always pick the expensive ones because I may as well get my money's worth and French Vogue qualifies.
It's 15.95$. Upon browsing the tome I discovered that it has much in common with American Vogue : advertising. The magazine is full of it. You are paying for someone else to ask you to buy stuff. Boring... Anywhoo. I decided to photograph and share some of my favorite parts of it to save us all some money.

this is what we should buy : Shearling, capes, lace tights, metallic pants,high heel boots and see through dresses.
This to me says Says - Superhero Hooker. I am with that.

aaah, androgony. I dig this. Men in the fashion spreads and he wears it just as well if not better than the ladies. He so reminds me of Bowie too. Not bad.

This is teh guy that Sister Wolf pointed out. He's still pretty. For a minute I couldn't tell whether he was a dude or a very flat chested girl.

Marion Cotillard almost makes me believe that French women really are better than us.
Hair inspiration, I am going to pull out my rollers and try this.
Nice underwear.
Freja with a panther. I think she can win the staredown.
Apparently they are selling boobs.
Kate Moss as a leather mama, showing us all how to bend and twist.

Love the hair.

You have to turn sideways to take this picture in. ( i can't get it to rotate properly *$#$%!!!)
I think they are models. If someone said "what do you want for Christmas ? " I would say this.
I finally get the whole thing that guys have with objectifying. I could objectify them, hard.
They might be twins, I don't know...