Tuesday, February 8, 2011

French Vogue - February 2011

I spent my afternoon sipping tea in a cafe taking advantage of their free wi-fi to download Ipad apps and flipping through and photographing pictures from French Vogue. I am not paying 15.99. I am cheap like that.

Jewelry inspiration, love the color.

forget the bananas, the above Prada is what I want. Look at those shoes!

The image on the left reminds me of how I am tending to dress lately. Like a bohemian boy. I like it.

This image and the ones that follow are part of an epic editorial I cannot begin to describe. By epic I am referringto the true maning of the word. The editorial is literally 50 pages long and quite comprehensive and beautiful.

I am wanting these white onesie jumper things above. If I get one like them, i promise to wear at home only.

And finally, Man Candy. Colin Firth is certainly an attractive man. Thanks Mr. Darcy.