Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sesame Street

This is my childhood hero, Ernie. Cute, loveable, harmless and dopey. Also Ernie had an E above his bed, it was inevitable that I would look up to him.
Sesame Street recently turned 40. How time flies. If it weren't for Sesame Street a lot of kids wouldn't have learned so much about the importance of imagination, kindness, patience and embracing and understanding people who are different than us. Look at Ernie and Bert, Oscar and Big Bird . Best friends who were like night and day yet complimentary. Also the adults were like an awesome Rainbow Coalition. It cannot be a coincidence that Woodstock and Sesame Street both happended in 1969.
Thanks Sesame Street for teaching me the importance of how to get along with others and that a little smiling can go a long way. Also rubber duckies totally rock.

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