Friday, December 11, 2009

Target Pop-Up San Francisco

After work I headed over to the Target pop-up downtown with the intention of trying on and hopefully buying the sequin, skeleton dress from the Rodarte collection . When I got there I discovered that it was a window (as seen above) - bummer. It's hard for me to buy anything without trying it on. I NEED to know that I like it.
I ended up with this dress which was the other one I liked. After much debating I decided that I have plenty of sequins in my wardrobe right now. Too many to add another piece I wasn't ecstatic about. However there's always more room for black lace. It's really adorable on. I was worried it would be short but I actually like it that way. The top part is a bit ice-skaterish however it will be super cute paired with cashmere cardigans and I can easily transition it into spring.
The poor staff at the stand didn't seem to have their shit together at all. It was kinda sad because they weren't busy at all. First they couldn't find my size in the dress ( I took the 9 ) they said it skipped from 7-11. I wasn't hearing that , seriously does that make sense ?? The girls were sweet enough to go back and check where they found out indeed they do make a 9.
When I got up to to the register to pay it turned out they had mispriced the dress on the sign at $39.99 and charged me $5 more. I got it for the advertised price and they put it in a really cute bag which was nice. I filched a pen too, thanks Target!
anyway that is me in the picture above. I never post pictures of myself because really, why ?? I tried the dress on in the H&M dressing room while trying on the Sonia Rykiel underwear collection. I bought that piece of pink awesomeness as also seen above. It's way sexy. Actually all of the pieces in that collection are very hot. I am going back for the striped ones. I highly recommend it.
That is all for now. Shopping is freaking exhausting.

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  1. I love that skeleton dress too, but I won't buy anything that costs that much without trying it!