Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm a sellout. I finally gave in and got some pre-ripped pants. I grew up in the era when you had to rip your own pants. Actually purchasing them in a store was unheard of. Ripped pants were a mark of pants that are so beloved that they fall apart becasue you wear them so much, taht or you are too poor to afford new ones so what are you gonna do ?? I am still trying to get my head around the carefully arranged poverty look that seems to be afforded and coveted mostly by rich kids. My favorite store ( a magical, mystical, glorious, charity thrift that has turned me into a master hoarder ) got a stash of sample jeans from the Levi's factory. I cannot resist the Levi's, brand new and under ten bucks. Then I put them on and they hugged my butt and things so perfect I had to take them home with me. They also managed to look awesome with my high top Nike's, so yeah. I swear this will be the only new pre-ripped item I ever purchase. really, really..

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