Saturday, November 13, 2010

What I do

This is where I have been volunteering my Saturday afternoons for about one year now. Rock Paper Scissors Collective.

It's a great community space where anyone can come and participate in the artistic process. There are sewing labs, craft classes, a gallery, retail store and zine library.

This month's show is by Patchwerk Press.
We work in collaboration with Patchwerk on Screenprint classes. They are also collectively run which I totally respect.

These dresses were handmade by a collective member from recycled materials.

as was the window display. Awesome Patchwork dress.

We also have a retail store. The sequin headband was made by moi.

This picture to the right is of a lovely English girl that stopped by on our Friday opening.
LOVE her hat. She was entirely adorable.


  1. it's not bad : ) we had a dress mending event yesterday and it was a blast