Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blogs I LOVE

okay so this is me and my horrible self-portraiture - I was at the Woodstock anniversary in the park in October . I didn't make it the whole way through. I had some excellent cookies and everything got intense - color, sound, i made a retreat. I am wearing a feathered headband I made. I was so excited about it because i got to live out my Indian princess fantasy just a little bit.
This leads me to one of my favorite blogs style like u . I LOVE this blog. It's a trip into the closets and homes of people some stylish, some are hmmm, but all are interesting. If you have not seen this site, you must go there. You will not be disappointed. Even the fucking RZA did a video, really, he showed his karate posters!
So , relating back to my feathered headress, this lady Chase Cohl. She makes amazing headresses and jeweled headbands. I have to tip my feathers to her and her inspirational vision. Brava.

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