Saturday, January 23, 2010

S.F. MOMA 75th anniversary - Part 2

Thing I love most about the MOMA is that it is a concentrated source of inspiration. Whenever I go, I bring my camera and my notebook. Behind every corner lies a moment that I want to capture. Mostly what I see cannot be conveyed but only felt in the moment. I believe that the spirit of the artists and the message of what they were wishing to get across to us, their audience, is contained in these works. All we have to do is look, listen and mostly feel. I like to allow that and I am grateful for the opportunity to be in their presence.

Looking Glass

After all this here I am

Ragged stockings

torn lacy things

this is my image

i am frozen

my body



all things decay

fall apart

false paper mache

plastic flower crown


endless parade

does this




mean a thing ?

Funeral Heart

Green on the inside

with edges dipped in blood

white slashed

and ragged

in here

we are imperfect


wholly loved

A Metaphor - See if you can read the meaning.

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