Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Month without shopping

I am a Catholic girl. Once you are in that club you are stuck for life, one way or another. Yesterday was the first day of Lent and for Lent you give up something that you would normally do in order to cultivate discipline and to understand sacrifice. Last year I gave up eating meat, and I am happy to say that change has stuck with me. It was and is one of the best things I have ever done and I feel better , spiritually and physically, for it. This year I am quitting shopping. I am not allowing myself to buy any clothes, accessories, or shoes until after Easter. That may seem easy to some but I am a shopping expert. I tend to score unbelievable deals everywhere and since I rarely drink and don't indulge in drugs or promiscuity, it's my vice of choice.
The sadness really hit when this morning I got an e-mail with H&M's Sonia Rykiel collection. I forgot about this. I usually hate the mass market stores but Sonia for H&M is too good to pass up.Those platforms, I need them!! and the striped tights...STRIPED TIGHTS!!!! uggghhhh!!
This is going to be a very long 45 days

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