Sunday, February 28, 2010

These Boots Are Made For.....

I've had these boots since 1992. yes that totally dates me, I am a grown lady. Anyway. I have actually not worn them since 1992 making them pretty mint. They are a really lush suede from Sam and Libby. For those of you who remember, yup they were great. For those who don't, it was Sam Edelman's original shoe company, way popular inthe 80's and 90's.
I was thinking about selling them, then I put them on this morning. I have noticed that most people wear thigh high boots with short skirts or over pants. That look doesn't work for me. When I put them on this morning I was wearing a skirt that went past my knees and I realized that this worked for me quite well. Thigh high boots with long skirts. The length of the boot actually creates a nice drape and the look of the skirt against the rich suede texture is divine.
I'm keeping them.

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