Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday night People Party

Last night I debuted my jewelry and headbands at the People Party in Oakland. It was fun, fun, fun. Lots of great energy and invaluable feedback. I met some really wonderful people and danced to great music.
BTW - excuse my camera. It sucks bad.

My turquoise Lotus piece is in here. I ended up selling it. It was hard to part with that one. I brought it really just to show it but part of making things is the ability to let go of what you love. Imagine if I kept every piece I liked. I would actually end up keeping everything.

My headbands. These brocade ones are new and turned out really pretty. I am excited about these.

The earboard, and a my personal favorite , the Opalite tassel necklace. I may have to keep that one.

Dorky self-portrait time

My mom would be happy. My brother here helping me.

They make it pretty and feed you. MMMMMMM.

Rocking it eyepatch style!!

She bought the iredescent one. My favorite sparkle band!!

Could this girl be more adorable ??

Gorgeous stone, labradorite. The way these reflect in the light was so gorgeous. She was really excited too .

The Owl necklace. She had also bought the turquoise birds. Incredibly sweet!
And the birds were an excellent choice. Good taste.
I wish I had a better pic of the necklace.
I need a new camera!!

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