Monday, March 8, 2010


1000 awesomethings

I love this site. but especially because I love this post: #565 moving forward and moving on.
The site is a celebration of the small victories and little things that happen throughout your day that may go unnoticed, or seem small but really make you happy and make life worth it.
In her most recent post she shares the truth we all know : sometimes life sucks. The great part is that even with and sometimes because of these things we can gain so much more than we lose and we keep going and life gets good, but only if you let it.
Anyway the site should speak for itself so check it out and I will add something awesome to the list, the reminders that we are not alone at all. We all go through the same things and there really is a silver lining to all storm clouds , you just have to keep looking and believe. Life is waiting for all of us, we just have to meet it halfway.

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