Monday, May 10, 2010

Been a bit down lately, as it goes. Life is apparently up and down. A series of changes. So again need to pull myself out of it.
Steps :
1. Exercise
Went to the Y, $69 per month.
CON:You can't even try it out which sucks. PRO:It is 2 blocks from home which is nice. Lot's of classes, really big. Open from 5-10.
Decided to try 24hr Fitness
CON: It's 24hr fitness, blahh - although the equipment appears upgraded. Not too many classes.
PRO: 32$ per month with no contract, if it doesn't work I can quit easily. 5 blocks from home. open 24hrs. Gave me a week pass.
2. Meditation
Worked for me before, always works. There is definiteley something to this. Going to give it a go with trying sound meditations. I have a series of Theta waves cd's which has worked in the past.
3. Count Your Blessings
Double edged sword for me. I feel worse because I know that there are people who have real problems and I can sink into feeling sorry for myself for nothing. Then I feel like an ass for being that way. Self-Hate is not helpful here.
But I am grateful for all that I am. Need to build on this.
So that's what I have so far. just a bit of the doldrums.....

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