Monday, May 24, 2010

old pictures

I rarely post pictures of myself but here I am in one of my favorite dresses. It is the perfect little mini cocktail dress from the swinging 60's. It has sheer organza sleeves, crstal buttons on the cuffs and metallic embroidery at the waistline. Since I collect dresses and haven't gotten around to wearing them all - yes, admitted hoarder - I am never sure if one will make it out of my closet and into the world. However this little number cannot stay hidden. I am wearing it with BCBG girls suede platform heels ( will not use the term "booties" ) and a cute little bag I bought in the Mission from a girl selling things outside her car. I got the dress from Mission Thrift for about 20-30 bucks. Mission Thrift was my go to place about two years ago when I lived in SF. I recently went back and the vintage dress collection is so sadly non-existent. The market has really changed. I am glad I went on a major collecting spree when i did as the bargains are just not what they used to be. It seems that everyone has finally caught on to the superior quality that I knew was there all along.

(pardon the blur face, as I said before, I think I am just kinda fuzzy in reality )

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