Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mad Genius

When I was growing up there were two women in fashion who I thought were awesome. (Besides my mom, that is. But that will be for another time )
Linda Evangelista - the chameleon with the cat eyes. Linda was a model though and that is too easy. The other was Isabella Blow. I would pour over Vogue magazine and spy this Mad Genius wearing a chain mail hood to some chi-chi party and think, she knows where it's at. This is a woman who is not afraid to be herself.
And so it remains. I may be the laziest fashion creator there is right now but I make hats too not nearly as cool as Philip Treacy's creations were but this woman was and is my inspiration. So long live the memory of Isabella Blow. May she continue to inspire future generations of misfit girls who just want to be themselves - a whole new gaggle of mad geniuses!

( thanks Sister Wolf for inspiring my post)


  1. Evangelista, she was one of a kind on the magazine pages!

  2. ya, loved her. she was great. i loved that she was always changing. She was so not just pretty like a lot of models at that time.