Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Great thing about where I live now. Art Galleries are surrounding me. There is nothing better to do than to look at some art to get your creativity flowing. I happened upon the hatch Gallery http://www.hatchgallery.org/ on Saturday and saw something that I got really excited about .

At first look it was a puzzling layout of drawings, well done, kinda cartoonish, of people communicating in the form of Penis and Vagina's as their main focus. I can be slightly prudish ( I say slightly because it's more a former than current condition , perhaps more on that at another time ... ) anyway like good art does this got me thinking that it was a greater commentary on the human condition that I was seeing.

Bile, Vomit, defecation, penis, vagina, etc.what are we really in our physical form ? We cover our bodies with things we cover our minds and ourselves with niceties and masks but underneath we are physical beings. Sexuality is not dirty or weird. It is what we are. It should be clebrated and looked at and embraced and yes, laughed at , not shunned or exploited .

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