Sunday, August 9, 2009

Style Inspire

I found this line of clothes via a German blog - Cool Outfit

the clothes are to die for. Amazing draping , cut , everything. Especially the dresses.

Also the press release for the Fall line :

FUTURE CLASSICS© show press release
Whatever you have is enough. Whatever you need, you were given. Everything is at your disposal. Can you see that? You already have everything you need to create a life that is right for you. Most of all you have the perfect amount of energy to be who you are. How you go about it is your business – no-one else’s.

Who told you that you don’t have enough? That you don’t look right? That until you get to that certain point you have not yet arrived? That you need to accumulate to succeed? That your house should be a stepping stone, a rung on a ladder, not a habitat? Did you ever believe this?

Do you remember your Grandparents? Do you remember that generations worked and evolved before us, wishing the best for us, making our happiness and well being their life’s work?

Do you mend what is broken? Do you treasure the energy of the repaired thing?

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