Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Andy Warhol!

I imagine you are looking down at us from a great big factory in the sky. In this electronic age, his prediction that we would all be famous for fifteen minutes was eerily prescient.

If I could own any Warhol it would be one of Mick Jagger. Oddly i think he also signed the screenprints along with Andy. I don't think anyone else did this so ego much ??

oh Mick....

but this is a Warhol post.
I was lucky enough to see two Warhol exhibits this year, one at the DeYoung museum and one at The Jewish contemporary Museum. Very cool work. Mr Warhol was not just an artist in many ways I consider him to be the true father of the punk movement as the mastermind behind The Velvet Undeground.

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