Sunday, September 12, 2010

The French, maybe they are better than us ???

I got my new camera. Not a fancy DSLR or anything. Juts a replacement for my lost point and shoot. Lazily of course I settled for the same camera brand. Pourquoi ?? I am too lazy to learn an entirely new camera type. As my old one was three years old, and ancient in electronic terms, I am so glad to get a new model. It's lighter, faster, crisper and just all around way way better.

So what was my first assignment ?? taking pix of myself in shop windows. And as I was having my latte in the local coffee shop I took the opportunity to browse the magazines. I always pick the expensive ones because I may as well get my money's worth and French Vogue qualifies.
It's 15.95$. Upon browsing the tome I discovered that it has much in common with American Vogue : advertising. The magazine is full of it. You are paying for someone else to ask you to buy stuff. Boring... Anywhoo. I decided to photograph and share some of my favorite parts of it to save us all some money.

this is what we should buy : Shearling, capes, lace tights, metallic pants,high heel boots and see through dresses.
This to me says Says - Superhero Hooker. I am with that.

aaah, androgony. I dig this. Men in the fashion spreads and he wears it just as well if not better than the ladies. He so reminds me of Bowie too. Not bad.

This is teh guy that Sister Wolf pointed out. He's still pretty. For a minute I couldn't tell whether he was a dude or a very flat chested girl.

Marion Cotillard almost makes me believe that French women really are better than us.
Hair inspiration, I am going to pull out my rollers and try this.
Nice underwear.
Freja with a panther. I think she can win the staredown.
Apparently they are selling boobs.
Kate Moss as a leather mama, showing us all how to bend and twist.

Love the hair.

You have to turn sideways to take this picture in. ( i can't get it to rotate properly *$#$%!!!)
I think they are models. If someone said "what do you want for Christmas ? " I would say this.
I finally get the whole thing that guys have with objectifying. I could objectify them, hard.
They might be twins, I don't know...

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  1. How awesome are you for saving us all 15.95!? I can dig it.

    However the verdict is still out on that whole Superhero hooker thing they seem to be pushing. :)