Sunday, September 19, 2010

Post 100 - the one hundred things - part 1 ( 1-27 )

Welcome to post 100! I'm still here. Anyone out there who is reading, I hope you enjoy what you see. My scattered online visual diary has been a real pleasure.

Since it is post 100 I am going to use this to list 100 of my favorite things :
These are not in particular order of enjoyment at all but here goes

1. Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall
I am listening to this now and it is probably my favorite live album of all time.

2. Cooking - I only have to cook for myself and since there is no pressure and it isn't a real chore it is very enjoyable. I also don't eat meat which has actually changed my diet and lended itself to way healthier eating. Today I am going to make one of my favorite meals, lentil stew. It will be made with garlic, tomatoes, onions and peppers. Delicious.

3. Days you don't have to do anything - hard to ease into. Your mind always says you gotta be doing something but I am trying now to ease into letting myself relax all around and enjoy - nothing!

4. riding my bike
5. salmon spinach burritos from the burrito shop
6. Peet's lattes

7. Led Zeppelin - I want to be cremated. I find the whole idea of burial and gravesites weird but if I had a gravestone it would say "Led Zeppelin Rules"

8. Platform shoes
9. 70 degree weather
10. also rainy days, mostly when you get to stay in on them. But if you can't then...
11.rain boots
12. Peanut Butter cream sandwiches
13. Peanut Butter frozen yogurt

14. Peanut butter and jelly with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two oatmeal raisin cookies. In a bout of decadence, i made these a few years ago. It was amazing. I obviously have not revisited it. It's too much. try it though. so good.

15. Free skincare samples - Sephora is the mecca for this. Ask them and they will give you anything in a little jar. I used to go with a friend and she would spend hours there just stocking up. I felt cheesy about it but now i get it and after spending $65 for a jar of moisturizer that gave me acne, i can see why you should try before you buy. Also sign up online for their e-mails and sometimes you get a free product. I just got a deluxe sample of the Clinique 3 step and Phiosophy's Hope In a Jar.

16. Wilco - A Ghost Is Born
17. Cat Power - Moon Pix
18. Julian Casablancas - Phrazes For The Young

I have listened to these records more than any others this year. They are that great.

19. SF MOMA - I have spent a lot of time there. It's a place of major inspiration.

20. black tights
21. L'eau De Issey-perfume
22. Fresh Vanilla Grapefruit
23. Daisy - Marc Jacobs

24. Animals - They are our friends, they don't belong on the dinner menu.

25. A - This particular boy I am smitten with. Like magnets....

26. Making jewelry - It's nice to see something you like and then have the ability to create it for yourself. There are limits. I don't metal-smith , yet or solder. I still buy things I really like and can afford.

27. Finally realizing that you are what you do. I always wanted to sell vintage clothes. Now I do. I wanted to make and sell things that I design myself. Now I do.

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